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Generator Services
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Backup Generator Systems

Backup and standby generators help maintain power and power systems at your home or business when there’s a blackout. Most generators provide automatic distribution of power in the event of an interruption. They help maintain temperature and air quality by keeping your HVAC systems operating. They help protect against flooding and sewage backups by keeping pumps and other critical systems operational. They keep the security systems operating. In some cases, backup generators can also help reduce insurance rates for your home or business. 

TruStar Electric in Springfield, MO offers generator installation services for residential and commercial properties. We are a proud supplier and installer of Generac Power Systems.

Call TruStar Electric in Springfield if you have questions about generators or need professional installation for a new backup or standby generator for your home or business. One of our fully licensed, bonded, and insured electricians will be happy to perform a load calculation on electrical service usage at your home or business. We can procure a new backup or standby generator for you that fits the bill. We'll take care of permitting, installation, connecting the generator to the service for the home or business, and setting the auto transfer switch. TruStar can even pour concrete pads for your new generator.


Once your new backup generator has been installed, you’ll never have to worry about your power, comfort, or security being compromised by a power outage. 

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