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Protecting Your Home's Electrical System During Thunderstorms

Protecting Your Home's Electrical System During Thunderstorms

Spring is in the air! Here in Missouri, that often means thunderstorms. Peak storm season typically runs from April through June, and when storms hit, we’ll often see heavy rain, high winds, dangerous lightning, and sometimes even tornadoes. We’ve already seen a busy start to this year’s storm season, and many homeowners across the region have experienced large hail, damaging winds, drenching rains, and more. As such, we thought that it would be a good idea to talk about protecting your home’s electrical system during these severe thunderstorms.


As a licensed electrician in the Springfield area, we’ve seen our fair share of storm damage over the years, and we know how important protecting your home’s electrical system during thunderstorms can be. That’s why we’ve assembled these top tips to help keep your home and family safe and sound.


1. Before the Storm

Thanks to our local meteorologists, we often get at least some warning before a big storm hits, so there’s usually time to take care of small tasks such as unplugging electronics like computers, televisions, and appliances. Of course, you can take care of other things long before a storm is even announced. Trimming trees and branches around your property will make them less likely to fall during a storm and cause damage and potential power outages. You might also want to invest in power strips with built-in surge protection or, better yet, consider whole-house surge protection to help shield your home’s electrical system from power surges during a storm. If you decide to do that or to install a backup generator to provide continuous power in the event of a blackout, you’ll want to call in a licensed electrician to do that work for you.


2. During the Storm

Once bad weather rolls in, it’s time to stay indoors and keep yourself and your family safe. You can best do this by closing up the house, including securing doors and windows. If your house doesn’t have shutters, close interior window blinds, shades, or curtains to help protect your home in the event that a window breaks. You should also have an emergency kit for power outages and other emergencies that includes items such as flashlights, first-aid items, and batteries, to name a few. Don’t have one? Read our article on how to create a power outage survival kit for your home. There are also certain things to avoid during a storm, such as using electronic devices that are plugged in.  You should also avoid running water and stay inside and away from any doors or windows until the storm passes.


3. After the Storm

Around here, thunderstorms often pass as quickly as they arrive. Just because the storm is gone, however, doesn’t mean that everything is necessarily safe. It’s a good idea to have your wiring inspected by a licensed electrician in Springfield, MO, especially after a storm. If you leave the house after the storm, it’s also wise to keep an eye out for fallen power lines or trees and to watch out for areas where flash flooding is possible.


By taking these simple steps, you can help protect your home’s electrical system from the damaging effects of spring thunderstorms and keep yourself and your family safe. For 24/7 emergency electrical services, keep the phone number for TruStar Electric handy (417-501-7827).


From emergency electrical service in Springfield, MO to the installation of whole-house surge protectors and backup generators, TruStar Electric provides all the professional advice and solutions you need to stay safe and prepared this storm season and all year long. Get in touch with TruStar Electric in Springfield to learn what we can do for you today!


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